Davros's Fanfiction

12th May 2013

I’ve uploaded some abandoned material in my ‘Knights of the Hellmouth’ universe under the ‘Other’ section for anyone who’s still interested enough to care. I can’t imagine there are many but it’s about time I did something with it.

As for progress on stuff that’s actually going somewhere I’ve written several chapters of a new story arc for my Ranma 1/2 - Naruto crossover and I’ve also knocked out 40k words worth of a rewrite of ‘Knights of the Hellmouth’ though I haven’t decided what to do with this third or fourth attempt at a rewrite yet.

16th December 2012

Just dropping a note to say that I’m still alive and still working on my stories. I’ve also made some tweaks to my site and its layout. Minor things, but they’ll break any chapter bookmarks anyone may have taken.

3rd February 2012

Final editing pass complete. FFN posting began.

31st January 2012

Chapters 23 - 32 now available here. Will start posting on FFN shortly.

28th January 2012

Updated the 22 chapters on FanFiction.net with tidied up versions. And I am never doing anything like that ever again. What a horrible pain their UI is.

24th January 2012

Draft of chapter thirty-two complete. A revision of chapter thirty and I’m done with this story arc. Just a slightly wider previewing after that and it’ll be good to go.

I also need to update the FFN version as I’ved fixed a lot of spelling and grammar errors. Such a pain with their interface.

5th January 2012

Draft of chapter thirty-one complete. revisions of thirty and thirty-one and a cap chapter are all that remains between me and actually posting something!

1st January 2012

Welcome to the year of our supposed doom. Hopefully I’ll get those new chapters out before we cop it. 31 is still in progress as I really didn’t do a lot over the Christmas break.

14th December 2011

Well, some news on the writing front, chaps. I’ve now finished up to chapter thirty of my Ranma/Naruto cross and am only a few chapters short of a complete story arc which I can then polish up and publish in a block. I should hopefully get this done early in the New Year barring blocking issues.

In news that you probably care about a fair bit less I’ve extended the re- formatting of the site to the story chapters on here. It took a bit of effort to get them into a format ready for the conversion process but now that’s done it’ll be relatively easy for me to do it again next time I fancy a change. Hooray.

I haven’t bothered reformatting the story fragments under ‘Other Stuff’ though as, frankly, I don’t care about them. They’ll probably be deleted sooner or later.

13th December 2011

Tweaked spacing to make the site look less cramped.

3rd December 2011

Redesigned site. I think it looks better. Your mileage may vary.